New Sewing Machines

Side Sewing Machine

ls2001The LS 2001 (lockstitch)

The last lockstitch side sewer to leave our factory was in 1986 bound for Spain. Since that time MPP has devoted all engineering and production to its chain stitch side sewing line known as the GSI (gather-sew-inline) which limited the book thickness to 5/16″.

Like the GSI the book is sewn on the angle ensuring that gravity assists in squaring the backbone for a quality bound book.

The lockstitch utilizes a 105 yard bobbin which can be changed in 10 seconds. Book thickness is 1/2″ which surpasses the GSI machine allowing the user a wider range of production. Custom designed pin centers are determined at the time of order. The machine is offered with either 1″ stitch length for BMI production, or 1/2″ stitch length for LBI production.

  • Sewing Head: custom designed exceeding older Singer 733
  • Book speed: 10-15 BPM (1/2″ stitch length)
  • Book Dimension: 6-12″ along the written edge
  • Stitch length: 1/2″ or 1″ (LBI-BMI spec)
  • Machine size: 8′ long x 4′ wide
  • 1600 lb gross weight (est.)

Unlike the first generation Moffett Side Sewing Machines (1955-1986) which required books to be pre-bound, the LS-2001 binds loose sections and end sheets together.

Introducing the newest chainstitch Moffett Sewer the PS2000

ps2000_376The PS 2000 is the hand fed version of the GSI chain stitch sewing machine, without computerization. It is designed for both long and short runs. It affords the small bindery the ability to compete with the GSI at a greatly reduced price.